Do you want to CHANGE the world through education?

Do you THINK globally?

Are you CREATING content that inspires?

Are you BUILDING  a personal brand?

Are you UNITING your tribe?

Are you the MASTER  of your life?

Find out how to FIRE START your life and turn your



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T E A C H      |      U P L I F T      |      I N S P I R E

We help teachers, coaches, facilitator and anyone who has anything to teach break the cycle of trading time for money

We do this by helping them build a web-based business that develops and sells information-based products in a growing market

The way that people learn and access information has changed dramatically since the introduction of the internet.

Fast connections, smart phones, and video streaming mean more and more people look for the information that they need online.

In 2015 the eLearning market was worth around $165 billion
In 2025 it's projected to be worth around $325 billion


What would you do today if you didn’t need to go to work?

The online learning market is currently worth around $165 billion as more and more people look online to learn new skills.  IGNITE your Business is an online business support service to help clients to ignite their online teaching business in order to live the life they choose.  We believe that every person has something that they can teach.  This teachable skill could be their key to freedom.  We help anyone take an idea to a fully launched online teaching business.  The programs cover every step of the process from initial idea, refining that idea, building an audience, creating content, storing it online, setting up a website and developing a marketing strategy to drive and convert traffic into paying clients.

Join our weekly webinar training session where we teach the “3 Secrets to Igniting your Online Teaching Business to Live the Life you Choose”.  By attending the training session you will qualify for a free IGNITION consultation with either Gareth or Alex or one of the coaches in their team.

Additionally, you can follow , in real time, how an online business is built by watching Gareth and Alex coach Mike who is building his online teaching business, Not Rocket Science.  Join the IGNITE your Business Facebook Group to watch it all unfold.

Meat the Team

Gareth Pickering

Gareth describes his purpose as: “To live an inspiring life that through the creation and sharing of content, inspires others to live an inspiring life of their own.

Having spent 10-years building his own successful advertising agency in South Africa, Gareth sold the business in 2014 to travel the world.  He’s travelled to over 30 countries and spends his time chasing his perfect day, and ticking off his bucket list.  His interests beyond business include, consistent exercise ranging from trail running, surfing, kitesurfing, yoga, CrossFit and triathlon.  He founded The Freedom Fighter to connect people that followed him on his travels and that are looking to live more perfect days in their lives.  The business has since transformed into The Immaculate Factory; an online space to learn the principles and application of the Law of Attraction in order to help others live the life they are meant to live.  He is also the co-founder of Keep It On Core, one of South Africa’s first online Maths tuition platforms, that help high school students improve their mathematics online.

Alex Marostica

Alex spent most of her adult life chasing the plan that society laid out for her: “get educated, find a stable job in a long-term career, get married, buy the house, car, and all the other material trappings; and hopefully, eventually, be happy!”  After a devastating divorce in 2014, she was forced to re-evaluate and question many of her life choices.  What ensued was a beautiful journey of rediscovery that led to her living a life of purpose, holistic wellness and happiness.  She founded The Flying Phoenix with the mission to support others on a similar journey so that they too, may live a life of authenticity, fulfillment, connection and joy.

Alex describes her purpose as: “To add value to every interpersonal interaction; and through my story, help others achieve happiness and holistic wellness; while engaging in as many new experiences and seeing as much of the world as possible.”

Since 2017, Alex had been able to shift her life allowing her to work remotely and time-independently, enabling her to fulfill this purpose.

The FIRE STARTERS' Manifesto

A FIRE STARTER understands how education is changing and is embracing this change to make an IMPACT in the world

A FIRE STARTER has taken CONTROL of their own life and earning potential

A FIRE STARTER understands the importance of INSPIRING and relevant content and the role it plays in building their personal brand

A FIRE STARTER is building a business and creating content that is AUTHENTIC to themselves

A FIRE STARTER can LEVERAGE the power of technology and the internet to connect with and make an impact on a global scale.

A FIRE STARTER gathers tribe members who RESONATE with their story

A FIRE STARTER wakes up each day and can CHOOSE to live life on their own terms

A FIRE STARTER stands out from the masses through LASER-FOCUSED niching.

A FIRE STARTER knows WHY we do what we do

A FIRE STARTER is PATIENT.  Creating a movement that matters requires playing the long game.

A FIRE STARTER knows that their LIGHT can only truly shine when shared

So, you want to teach online?

Start by finding out how my passion for teaching gave me freedom

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T E A C H      |      U P L I F T      |      I N S P I R E