Are you a coach, or a healer, or someone that works directly with clients to help make the world a better place?
Do you feel that technology may hold the keys for you to be able to spread the work that you do and to spread it at scale?
Do you feel that the advances in video, online community building and e-learning could be a vehicle to enable you to reach a global audience?
Do you feel like you should be creating content to start uniting your tribe, but aren’t sure what to create and where to place it?
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We help teachers, coaches, facilitator and anyone who has anything to teach break the cycle of trading time for money

We do this by helping them build a web-based business that develops and sells information-based products in a growing market

The way that people learn and access information has changed dramatically since the introduction of the internet.

Fast connections, smart phones, and video streaming mean more and more people look for the information that they need online.

In 2015 the eLearning market was worth around $165 billion
In 2025 it's projected to be worth around $325 billion


Are you a developer of people, who's looking for ways to grow engagement and impact?  Whether you're a coach who's looking to use digital tools to support your clients better; or a larger company who would like to use elearning to improve your team's performance, the online space offers you the best solutions for leveraging your expertise for greater impact.  We help coaches, teachers and game changers to attract their ideal tribe by clearly defining their personal brand and clarifying their marketing and business plans - likewise, we help organisations engage their teams with state-of-the-art digital development, mentoring and accountability tools to improve performance and save costs.

How can we help you?

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Are you a coach, trainer, facilitator or holistic healer ready to expand your reach and impact?

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Are you an organisation that wants to increase your team engagement and raise productivity

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The 4-phase FUEL Methodology

What would you do today if you didn’t need to go to work?

The online learning market is expected to grow into a $325 billion industry by 2025 as more and more people look online to learn new skills.  IGNITE your Business will support you to tap into this growing market  by taking you on a real-time step-by-step journey from brand establishment to sustainable long-term evergreen sales using the 4-phase FUEL Methodology:

  • F – Foundation Phase – IGNITE your Personal Brand – clearly articulate your Personal Brand as a reflection of your purpose, values and superpowers as they relate to your business, products and services.
  • U – Understanding Phase – IGNITE your Tribe – implement the Lean Start-up Model as a means to create, validate and market a course concept in a low-cost, efficient and profitable manner.
  • E – Execution Phase – IGNITE your Online Course – execute your course concept as a Group Coaching Masterclass in a real-time live environment in a manner optimised to drive engagement and completion.
  • L – Legacy Phase – IGNITE your Freedom – convert your completed Group Coaching Masterclass into an evergreen product that is automated to sell and deliver itself on an ongoing basis.

We deliver this either through a series of IGNITION Group Coaching Masterclasses or as a series of individual 1-on-1 IGNITION consultation sessions.

What do our Clients have to Say?

Testimonial - Ryan

I feel like this is something really achievable in a very short space of time and with the right effort, energy and focus, I now have the tools necessary to make my business and my personal brand come to fruition.

Ryan Hawell - Director of Operations: Steiner Skincare and Spas

Masterclass Participant: IGNITE your Personal Brand - May 2019

Testimonial - Matt

After going through the program, I feel empowered that the personal brand that I want to have out there in the world has a concrete firm place to sit amongst the other businesses and properties that I have out there.

Matt Dahse - Founder: iShipCar and Fundster; Partner: Live More Perfect Days

Masterclass Participant: IGNITE your Personal Brand - May 2019

Meet the Fire Starter Team

The Partners and Founders of IGNITE your Business

Alex Marostica: Chief Fire Starter
Gareth Pickering: Chief Ignition Officer

The Magic Creation Team

Emma Pion-Berlin
Video Virtuoso
Haroula Saridaki
Social Media Sorcerer
Lemanja Mears
Web Wizard
Copy Conjurer

Not sure if the online learning space is for you?

Well, let’s add some fuel to your fire!

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