Emma Pion-Berlin

Video Virtuoso

Emma Pion-Berlin is the enchanted master of video creation for the IGNITE team.

Since joining the team in August 2019 she brought her experience as an international photographer and innovative content creator to the table to vividly help brands share their message.

She is a digital nomad who thrives off of life and experiencing new places and cultures.

Emma took a leap of faith and moved from California to Guatemala but she has travelled to over 20 countries where she worked as a photographer, content creator, and video editor.

Her impressive portfolio of work includes being the content creator for a multicultural non-profit and building her own visual storytelling brand.

"My purpose in life is to create impactful visual storytelling content".

She uses her skills to tell stories and inspires others to create change within themselves and the lives of others.

Emma's Super Power is her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

She cares about social impact and thrives on telling positive stories of change.

"As a collaborator in this company, I help better tell the story of IGNITE through visual content that connects, educates and engages the IGNITE audience".

For Emma working with IGNITE means forging relationships with others who want to create change in the world through education and innovative technology.