Haroula Saridaki

Social Media Sorcerer

Haroula works social media magic as the social media manager for the IGNITE team.

Originally from Greece and having spent six years in Scotland, Haroula now describes herself as location independent.

She laid her professional foundation in the fields of criminology and social work but put that aside to launch her career as a virtual assistant and mindful meditation teacher.

She loves travelling to new places, dancing whenever the opportunity arises and being close to nature where she finds her daily inspiration.

"I really enjoy my new life. I get to work on many different and interesting projects while at the same time, being location independent".

Her work with the IGNITE team means she can share her core values with like minded individuals who share her enthusiastic work ethic and attitude to taking on new projects.

Haroula's work involves building lasting relationships with brands and sharing her positive attitude with others around her.

Her Super Power lies in her never-ending curiosity.

Delving deep into research and learning though everything she does allows Heroula the chance to constantly evolve the way she portrays brands to clients.

She enjoys reading and finding new solutions and ideas to help brands and individuals thrive.

"My life purpose is to help others find and accept themselves, improve their relationships and experience life at its fullest through mindfulness and compassion."