IGNITE your business with a Strategy & Accountability Coach.

Let us help you create a business strategy; and support and hold you accountable to implement that strategy.

The IGNITION Strategy Sessions is a 5-hour Business Strategy Coaching package.  Over the course of three sessions, we will help you unpack the key elements of your business.  At the end of the process, you will receive a customised 40+ page business strategy document called an IGNITION Report which includes a strategy implementation blueprint.  This report is unique to your specific business.

The Sessions & Report covers:

  • Establishing your Brand
  • Identifying and Speaking to your Tribe
  • Information Product Design
  • Tribe Attraction Strategy
  • Tribe Engagement Strategy
  • Choosing the Technology to Support your Strategy
  • Implementation Blueprint

The IGNITION Coaching Sessions are support and accountability sessions that can be used at any stage of your business journey.

The Sessions are ideal for:

  • Support and accountability in implementing your IGNITION Strategy
  • Foreseeing potential weaknesses in, or threats to, your business; and how to mitigate them.
  • Understanding yourself as an entrepreneur; helping you to overcome your fears; and turn your personal blind spots into strengths.
  • Receive technical expertise and avoid the rookie mistakes we made when we started out.