Personal Brand Website is the personal brand website of one of the directors and founders of IGNITE your Business.

The Brief:

The requirement was to build a site to serve as the primary gateway to the many projects that she is involved in.

The Solution:

The solution was to build a very simple one-page style website with a summary of her mission and her main projects, and a live social media feed.  Additionally, the site has a custom wellness questionnaire that is used as a lead magnet.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Social proof widget on main site to support lead and sales conversion
  • A custom designed eight-dimension wellness questionnaire
  • A live social media feed


  • Active Campaign

Additional Services Rendered:

  • Setup automated email sequences and campaigns on Active Campaign to support the on-site and social media marketing efforts.
  • Created all graphics and images for the brand.


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