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By teaching what we know, each of us has the power to uplift others and inspire the world.

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FREE Personal Brand Audit

valued at $1,497

Work with us one-on-one over 3-5 days to analyze your personal brand and look for concrete opportunities to enhance it.

We have limited spots, so will prioritize SOULpreneurs who are committed to making the most of this process and who we think we can add the most value to.

Please complete the form below to apply for one of these coveted spots.

Would you describe yourself as a Soulpreneur(Required)
Definition: SOULPRENEUR: a solo entrepreneur doing soul-guided or purpose-driven work in the coaching, facilitation, healing, or personal development space.

This does not mean you work on your own. You could have a team, but you are the brand, or are central to the brand.
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If you are selected for one of the audit spots, do you commit to showing up for all the sessions, and being open to the process of analysis, feedback and growth?(Required)
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